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We are Filter Services which means that if you’re in need of filtration products your car, you’re in the right place.

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Car Filters by Filter Services

Since 1982, when we first started our trading services, we wanted to become a one-stop-shop for our consumers and offer fast delivery for all consumables and filters for cars and other vehicles such as lorries. Our Automotive Consumables division provides the high-quality products you’d expect from Filter Services, with the same fast delivery times to match.

Filters for cars – Serving drivers across the UK

Filter services have a selection of car filters, ranging from air filters to oil filters, used to create a safe and clean driving experience. Our range of filters comes with some of the best quality features and brand names, used for a number of different vehicle types and industries.

Filter services stock the following:

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    Car filters from top leading brands

    Filter Services are dedicated to providing our customers with the UK’s leading filter brands for regular drivers and businesses. Our selection of filters offers the highest quality solutions as well as keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

    Filter Services provide top-of-the-range filters for a number of industries, teaming up with brands such as Donaldson, Mann, Hifi, Baldwin and Fleetgaurd. You can be sure that the filters we provide a clean and safe driving experience.

    Car air filters

    When it comes to cars and commercial vehicles, we’re experts when it comes to air filters. Air filters prevent dirt and other fabrics from getting into a car’s engine, and should be changed or serviced annually to keep the engine working as it should.

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    Car oil filters

    Designed to protect your engine from dangerous pollutants, an oil filter is a vital component of any vehicle. Our range of oil filtrations includes replacements for all types of car, whether that’s for commercial use or industrial.

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