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Donaldson Filters & Filtration Systems

Donaldson Filters are a leading manufacturer of filters for a range of applications and Filter Services (UK) Ltd are able to supply them throughout the UK.

Donaldson has been at the forefront of meeting the filtration needs of a wide range of specialised industries since 1915. Today, they have applications in agriculture, construction, marine, forestry and, indeed, the automotive industry. They invented the first air filter over a century ago and continue to create new filtration technologies for on and off-road vehicles.

In addition to their vast expertise with filtration solutions, Donaldson is recognised throughout the world as a pioneer of nanofiber technology, and they continue to lead the way in regard to innovation and product design. Offering unsurpassable quality, and being the first-fit choice for leading manufacturers globally, their filters have simply set the standard for performance, affordability and reliability.

Why Choose Donaldson Filters?

Donaldson filters come highly regarded in the automotive industry – while clean fuel and oil are both essential for prolonging the life of your engine. They manufacture a wide range of components to serve many aspects of the industry. Whether you need fuel, lube, coolant and air intake filters for diesel engines, hydraulic and bulk tank filtration, or even exhaust system parts, they will have a product to suit your requirements.

Meeting and often exceeding OE requirements, Donaldson products are constructed to the highest standard with quality materials, and they come with a full aftermarket warranty. Moreover, providing it conforms to the original specifications of your vehicle, the use of a Donaldson filter to replace your factory-fitted filter will not void your original vehicle warranty. The company is committed to offering customers outstanding technical support, and sales, technical and customer support teams are always on hand.

They are proud to contribute to the local communities where their employees work. Mirroring the diverse range of industries in which their filters can be found, the company has supported a wide body of charitable activities around the world. When you purchase a Donaldson component, you can be confident that you are contributing to the well-being of many charitable institutions around the globe.

Donaldson is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and conducts themselves daily in building trust and credibility throughout the industry. You can be assured that, when purchasing a filter, you are dealing with a company that complies with the strictest environmental and ethical standards.

Why Choose Filter Services (UK) Ltd?

Donaldson is selective about who can qualify to represent them in the capacity of dealership – you will find Filter Services (UK) Ltd to be proactive, responsive and there to help time and time again.

Filter Services (UK) Ltd has over 30 years in the industry, meaning that we are incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and that you will benefit from the intimate relationship with manufacturers that we have established over the last three decades. Filter Services (UK) Ltd will always strive to get you the best deal around, and we are never knowingly undersold.

With over 5000 products in stock and, with branches located in Chesterfield, Leeds and Leicester, Filter Services (UK) Ltd will be able to supply or procure the components that you need when you need them. While Filter Services (UK) Ltd offers same-day delivery to customers within 50 miles of branches, next day delivery is available nationwide.

Please feel free to telephone Filter Services (UK) Ltd on 01246 802 822, and our friendly and efficient team will be able to discuss your specific requirements or answer any queries specific to Donaldson filters. Take a look at other brands including; FleetguardBaldwinMann and HiFi.

Donaldson Filters

Filter Services stock a wide range of Donaldson Filters, including air, oil and fuel filters. Guaranteed to offer original, high quality results for our customers. Donaldson filters are widely popular within the automotive industry, but are also recognised in the agricultural, construction and marine industries.

Filter Services stock the following Donaldson filters :

Donaldson Oil Filters

Reduces and removes toxins and contamination from engine oil.

Donaldson Air Filters

Improves the air quality within a vehicle and protects driver from harmful exposures.

Donaldson Fuel Filters

Filters out contamination which causes damage to a cars fuel pump and injectors over time.

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