Whether your car is kept on your drive, street or even in a garage, a vehicle is a prime target for burglars or damage. Wondering how you can make your car less of a target? Find out how to improve your car security and keep your vehicle and yourself safe and secure.

Tips to improve car security

With many homes now having CCTV and new security features installed into modern cars, stealing a vehicle isn’t as easy as it used to be, but it definitely still happens! From premium cars to vans with tools inside, there are a number of reasons why your vehicle could be a target for thieves.

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Don’t leave your keys in plain sight

Many homeowners will leave their keys near their front door due to convenience and easy access, however, this could be an easy way for someone else to access them and therefore, steal your car from right under your nose. Instead of leaving your keys hung up or in a bowl, place them inside a box or keep them in a room which is out of site.

Always lock your vehicle

This one seems pretty obvious, but some older cars don’t always make it known when you’ve successfully locked the doors and there’s always the chance you could forget, especially if you’re rushing or have your hands full. Whether you’re at home, work or the supermarket, always double-check that your car is locked before walking away. many modern cars will bring their windows in and activate an alarm.

Choosing the right parking space

When looking at how and where you park your vehicle, this is important for both at home and when on the go. Not everybody has a secure garage at home, so a driveway or the street is inevitable, however, when out and about, it’s always important to do your research and choose a parking option which is safe, secure and trustworthy.

Many public parking will come with terms and conditions stating that you are liable for any damage, and may not even have CCTV in place if something goes wrong. These car parks may be tempting because of their cheaper price tag, but could cost you a lot more in the long run! Make sure to always opt for those secure car parks that may cost slightly more but offer you that security.

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Remove or hide any visible items

Although cars are highly valuable items, there could be other reasons as to why they can get taken or damaged. In many cases, people who have left attractive items in their cars and come back with their windows smashed or cars damaged. From laptops to trainers, if your car is unattended and there are valuables on show, there is always the risk of someone attempting to get their hands on it. When leaving your car anywhere, always make sure your items are hidden either in the glovebox or under seats, or, just remove them completely.


If someone if going to steal or damage a vehicle, seeing that they’re on camera would be a great way to put them off! Whether it’s at home or an office, installing CCTV will offer safety for both your possessions and yourself by deterring any thieves and also helping you find them if something were to go wrong.

Investing in anti-theft systems

Here are a list of some effective anti-theft systems which can help to keep your car secure no matter where it is.

  • Ignition cut-off systems
  • Passive alarms that activate automatically when your key is removed
  • Software that can be tracked by the police
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Does car insurance cover car theft or car damage?

The most basic policy in the UK is the third party, this is the lowest level of protection, and your insurance will only pay out if your car is hit by another one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t protect you from loss or damage. If you want full protection, then the one to buy is comprehensive.

It is also important to check what your insurer includes as many companies will offer different things.

CCTV camera operations

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