Do you find it harder to drive at night? Are headlights causing you to swerve or become distracted? You’d be surprised how many people require assistance with their vision when nighttime arrives, especially when it comes to driving.

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What are night driving glasses?

Night driving glasses are a special type of glass, featuring non-prescription yellow lenses, which are anti-glare and work by filtering out high-energy and visible blue light (HEV). These glasses can vary in shade from light yellow to amber, but the main aim is to reduce the internal reflections of light from streetlights or oncoming headlights. Night-driving glasses tend to be non-prescription and often include an anti-reflective coating to remove reflections. This coating could also be added to your prescribed lenses for an added benefit.

Benefits of night driving glasses

Whilst some users are sceptical about the success and benefits of night driving glasses, there are plenty of advantages these can give those who may have vision problems or are sensitive to light. There is also the option to go to a professional and purchase corrective lenses with an anti-reflective coating to ensure you’re getting the best accessory for your needs. Here are just a few benefits of night driving glasses and why these should be a part of your road essentials.

  • Reduces light coming into the eye
  • Clears visibility
  • Filters glare
  • Improves concentration
  • Low cost
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Other ways to help night vision

Having clear vision at night is vital for the safety of yourself and those around you. As it’s much harder to see certain objects and lights are much more prominent, there are plenty of features and techniques which can offer a helping hand for those early mornings or late nights.

  • Clear your windscreen and windows
  • Make sure you have plenty of windscreen wash
  • Remove any condensation
  • Adjust headlights
  • Keeping your sight prescription up to date
  • Replace windshield wipers when necessary
  • Keep headlights clean and clear

What type of glasses is best for driving?

Having regular eye tests is important for everyday living, driving and potential health risks we should be getting our eyes tested at least every 2 years. Here are some of the best options when it comes to nighttime lenses and glasses.

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Varifocal lenses

These lenses are designed for those who already wear varifocals or use two pairs of glasses. Different companies will have different names for this specific lens but the driving-specific ones are fitted with a number of features to improve night vision. They feature a 180-degree distance vision area and a wide upper area for road and mirror use as well as an ultra-clear treatment designed to reduce reflections.

Tinted or reaction lense

If glares are your main concern when driving at night, an optometrist can prescribe lenses to help with this issue. This lens type reacts by darkening bright lights.

Superclean treatment

Single-vision or those who wear varifocals may also benefit from a type of clean treatment on top of their existing or new lenses. These treatments typically offer benefits such as anti-reflection, scratch resistance, water repellent and smudge resistant.

Polarised lenses

If you’re looking for a lens for daytime driving, polarised lenses can work by eliminating glare from horizontal surfaces such as roads, water and snow. These lenses also provide 100% UV protection, improve contrast and reduce the strain on the eyes in bright conditions.

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