Before setting off on any road trip, ensuring you have completed an essential checklist should be at the top of your to-do list, and this includes your vehicle itself. Offering peace of mind, checking these features beforehand will result in a fun-filled trip and safe adventures. Ranging from a first aid kit to tyre pressure, there are a number of things which are always necessary for a long-distance drive or even driving in snowy conditions. Some people even carry these checks out on a weekly basis. No matter the season, knowing the essentials can help with many aspects of a road trip including health and safety, directions, car malfunctions and emergency stops. Here are our top road trip essentials.

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Check your tyre pressure

Tyre pressure and quality is an essential parts of car maintenance, and when travelling long distances, is something you must not forget. Depending on where you’re travelling, a lot of road trips result in harsh terrain, a variety of weather conditions and of course, plenty of driving. By simply measuring your tyre pressure beforehand and double-checking for wear and tear, you will know if the tyres need extra air or a replacement. You can also pack equipment such as a tyre pump or spare tyre to be extra safe.

Personal driving documents

Although these documents might be in your car for everyday use, having original or copied driving documents is a top essential. This included your driving licence, insurance and roadside assistance. You’ll need these if you get pulled over, face an injury or get into an accident. These are especially important for a road trip as you’ll be far from home, may not have internet access and may not be aware of the local roads.

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Filling your tank

Make sure to fill your tank before any long-distance journey. Although this can be done on the way, filling your petrol beforehand will keep you on track and avoid any diversions. You can also plan ahead if you know a full tank won’t be enough by researching petrol stations along the way.

Topping up fluids

Checking the levels of your fluids before any journey can benefit both the car and your safety. Make sure to top up antifreeze fluids and screenwash to make sure your journey is clear, clean and extra visible. Alongside this, make sure to wipe down your windscreen wipers to make sure there is no dirt being spread and your screen won’t be damaged.

Topping up engine oil

There’s nothing worse than being stranded and miles away from home. Making sure your vehicle is prepared for the journey as well as yourself is crucial for a smooth sailing adventure. Whilst most modern vehicles let you know if you’re in need of an oil change, checking this before you set off can avoid any issues throughout your journey. You will also want to ensure that other lights such as engine management lights aren’t on.

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Medication and first aid

Stocking up your first aid box is useful no matter where you’re venturing. Whether you’re going into the heart of London or hiking through the Peak District, a first aid box is essential for injuries and safety. Top up items such as plasters, bandages, pain relief and creams or even night driving glasses to make sure you’re well prepared. This also includes more personal medications which you might need to take daily or along the way.

Battery health

A car battery is one of the most problematic features of a vehicle. And whilst you’ll be alerted with warning lights if there is an issue, checking this before you set off can save a lot of time and hassle. Mostly affected by weather changes, you should always check your car’s battery health if travelling abroad or cross country.

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Testing your brakes

Breaks are one of the most important functions in any vehicle. Being able to stop your car correctly and safely should be a top priority, especially when travelling long distances, on busy roads or in new locations. Ensuring your brake fluid and brake pads are fully functioning will help to avoid collisions, accidents and driving mistakes.

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