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Cabin filters from Mann Filtration

Cabin filters are a necessity for your car, van, lorry or heavy machinery. Here at Filter Services, we have a huge range of Mann cabin filters for you to choose from so we’re confident that we’ll have the parts you need. And if we don’t, we’ll order them right away and have them over to you in no time.

Sometimes called a pollen filter or cabin air filter, Mann Filters has produced cabin filters for years. Known for their high quality and attention to detail, Mann is a prominent brand which offers high-performance cabin filters all built to a high standard. This means that you can be confident whenever making a purchase of one of their products. We’d recommend changing your cabin filter either once a year or every 15,000km whichever comes first, this will help to keep the air quality within the cabin of your vehicle at its best.

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Basic particulate filter

A basic cabin air filter will stop particulates from getting into your cabin by separating them and catching them before they can be carried in by the air. Mann filters are able to block almost 100% of tiny particulates which means you’re able to breathe healthier, cleaner air. 

Activated carbon filter

As well as blocking particulates from entering your air conditioning system, just like the basic filter, an activated carbon cabin filter will also help to reduce the amount of gasses and noxious toxins that get through. This helps to stop unpleasant odours from getting into the ventilation system.

Biofunctional filter

Mann filtration has always been at the forefront of research which has paid off time and time again. Their biofunctional will not only trap more than 95% of allergen particulate but it also features an anti-microbial coating which helps to prevent the spread of mould and bacteria.