Efficiency is everything, with more efficient machinery and vehicles reaching higher speeds and cutting down on your fuel consumption. Learn more about what air filtration is, how that relates to energy consumption and why a greater level of air filtration is beneficial for any system.

Regardless of the system that you’re working with, having a greater level of efficiency is always a must. This refers to using a boiler that keeps most of its energy in heating water, solar panels converting sun rays into more energy, and importantly, vehicles using energy for efficient movement. Find out more about the basics of air filtration and energy consumption and how the two ideas link.

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What is energy consumption?

In a vehicular sense, energy consumption refers to the way that the vehicle uses its fuel. Although fuel isn’t energy yet, the moment a drop of diesel combusts the vehicle has used more of its energy. Efficient energy consumption for a vehicle means that it gets further per unit of energy it has, whether that’s per litre of fuel in a standard car or per Joule of stored energy in an electrical vehicle.

How this relates to air filtration

An air filter in a vehicle is a device that purifies the air, either in the cabin or through the engine intakes, removing harmful chemicals from the atmosphere like dust or any bacteria. In a cabin, this means breathing better air. In an engine, however, this hugely changes your energy consumption. An engine using cleaner air uses its fuel more efficiently, creating more energy from the same amount of propellant, resulting in more efficient energy consumption. This is because the engine is exclusively burning air and fuel, rather than dirt and other particles.

Why better air filtration is important

Air filtration being at the highest possible standard is vital for a few reasons, including:

Greater range

A vehicle using an effective air filter has a far greater range than one without it. When an engine burns fuel in a more effective way, it produces more power and more drive. Cars with brand-new air filters manage around 99% air filtration efficiency, which drastically cleans up the way that the vehicle burns its fuel and saves money on future trips to the pump.

Less pollution

Air filtration means that there is a lower level of pollution in the air. Consider a hydrogen vehicle, which isn’t commonplace yet but is the perfect example. A hydrogen-fuelled vehicle releases exclusively water after the burning process, and introducing other particles could affect the output from the engine. The same applies to a petrol or diesel vehicle. Drivers create far less pollution with an engine that burns cleanly.

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Engine health

The health of your engine can change depending on the way that you look after it. Having a good air filter is just as important as doing regular services, as a good air filter prevents the build-up of sediment in your engine and keeps it as clean as possible. A clean engine has the lowest possible chance of damaging itself when running on a day-to-day basis, making an air filter a keystone of a long-lasting vehicle.

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