Keeping a car looking brand new is virtually impossible, especially during harsh weather conditions and daily usage. But giving it a good clean now and again can make all the difference, with detailing creating a showroom finish. Although there is the quick and easy option of visiting a car wash or hand cleaning the vehicle yourself, this doesn’t always cover those less visible areas that require maintenance. So, whether your windows have some leftover water marks, your carpets are covered in footprints or your exterior needs a fresh polish, investing in car detailing will keep your car looking good and performing its best.

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What is car detailing?

Car detailing is a thorough top-to-bottom deep clean of your vehicle and involves both the interior and exterior of the car to get it back to factory-finish quality ( or thereabouts). The detailing process differs from a standard car wash as it typically involves more intricate tasks such as buffing and polishing. There is a much more thorough and restorative cleaning process involved and covers more than just the paintwork and surfaces

How much is car detailing?

The price of car detailing can vary depending on what’s included, what equipment is used, the size of the vehicle, extra additions, the model and the location. It’s always recommended to check the provider or garage being used as everywhere will have different prices.

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What does car detailing include?


  • Carpets and mats: This will include repairing tears or burns in the carpet as well as removing any debris and dirt
  • Air vent cleansing: Using compressed air and brushes, will remove any particles and moisture trapped in the air vent and remove unwanted smells
  • Window seals
  • Upholstery cleaning and protection
  • Air freshener and finishing touches


  • Alloy wheels cleaning: Using special cleaners or a pressure washer, a technician will polish and degrease your alloys
  • Tyre cleaning: By cleaning your tyres, you will restore the blackness and return them to their original state
  • Hand washing the exterior of the car
  • Removing contaminants
  • Polishing and buffing the surface and paint
  • Waxing: Once the paint treatment is complete, wax is added which is an essential protection feature
  • Cleaning the windows and window seals
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The benefits of detailing a car

A car is an expensive investment and as we all know, loses value pretty quickly, so keeping it in as best quality as possible is a huge priority for many car owners. Regularly cleaning your car will of course keep it looking fresh for the time being, but there’s nothing like a detail or valet to make your ride feel brand new. Not only does this look good, but it also provides the following benefit

  • Health and safety: Your car’s interior is home to insects, dirt and microorganisms which could cause respiratory issues such as asthma, as well as allergies. When detailing your car, this allows you to remove these from the environment. In terms of safety, driving with dirty windscreens, wipers and headlights may not only break a driving law, but it can also make you more prone to road accidents and limited visibility.
  • Preventing damage and saving costs: Detailing your car can help to save money in the long run and avoid damage being made to both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. By preserving and protecting your car, you reduce the likelihood of any major problems later down the line and you can also spot any smaller issues before they worsen through preventative maintenance.
  • Maintaining the value of a car: No matter how expensive your car is, you will want to maintain its value as best you can. Detailing it will improve its appearance and keep everything in good condition.

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