An air cabin filter is an essential component in any vehicle’s heating and cooling system. It helps protect the passengers from contaminants throughout the air and ensures they are safe when travelling. It helps protect the passengers from contaminants in the air they breathe meaning they won’t be exposed to chemicals or toxins.

What is a cabin air filter?

The cabin air filter in a vehicle helps remove harmful pollutants, including pollen and dust, from the air within a car, lorry or any other vehicle type. This filter is often found behind the glovebox and cleans the air as it transports through the vehicle’s HVAC system. These filters need replacing if there are any unpleasant odours or the airflow has decreased.

When should you replace a cabin air filter?

It is recommended to swap out your cabin air filter every 10,000 miles or during a service or preventative maintenance schedule. However, if you live on harsh grounds or environments, it may need to be changed sooner. There are also a number of warning signs which mean it needs replacing including a strange odour when using the A/C, air output is weak or there are strange noises.

How do cabin filters work?

Cabin filters work by catching airborne particles and pollutants, permitting only clean air to enter the vehicle’s passenger compartment and internal surroundings. This is achieved through the use of several different features and components:

  • Air filtration: When air is collected into the vehicle’s ventilation system from the outside, it passes through the cabin filter. The filter is designed with an absorbent material, often made of paper, cotton, or synthetic fibres, which then traps particles as small as pollen and dust.

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  • Particle capture: As the air flows through the filter, the fibres create a barrier that captures airborne contaminants. This process helps improve the air quality by removing pollutants that could otherwise enter the cabin.
  • Clean air circulation: Once the air is filtered, it continues travelling through the ventilation system and into the cabin itself. By trapping particles, cabin filters prevent them from circulating inside the vehicle, which can help reduce allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and unpleasant odours.
  • Regular Maintenance: Over time, cabin filters can become clogged with debris, reducing their effectiveness and potentially harming the car and its passengers. It’s important to replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations which can also help with a more eco-friendly driving performance.

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